Why Getting Healthy Matters 

In our fast-paced, information over load society getting and staying healthy can feel more like a burden than a blessing. With so many dos and don’ts is this whole health thing even worth the effort? Let’s dig into this and see what we can unpack. 

What is being healthy?

Being healthy for each person might be different, but we’re looking at it from the perspective of optimal physical, mental, and emotional state. Of course, the finer details are going to look different for each body type, gender, demographic, culture, and season. The goal for being healthy is to find the optimal physical, mental, and emotional state for YOU! Everything you eat and drink impacts your health positively or negatively. So do other aspects of life, including your sleep habits, physical activity, your level of happiness, and your ability to manage stress.

Why Bother?

Today so many ailments we suffer from are preventable or even downright fixable. And I think we’d agree that working hard for something that will bring more energy, happiness, clarity, strength, and peace to your life is worth it. What we eat as well as the lifestyle behaviors we choose lead our bodies into balance or out of balance; it creates a chain-like effect that sometimes we don’t see the repercussions of until years down the line. Our everyday choices can lead us to diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, hormone imbalance, or just feeling crummy on a daily basis. So often people don’t take action until they have reached their breaking point instead of investing and maintaining good health throughout the years.

What Should I Do?

To me, leading a healthy life means: improved weight, energy, stress management, strength, greater longevity, combating disease, improved appearance, and mental health. And if we can agree this is worth the commitment and discomfort it takes to get started, then what should you do now? Taking a good and honest look at where you are now and where you want to be is a good first step, then we’ll create a plan that isn’t extreme or overwhelming. Playing the long game is going to bring more success than making a huge life change and throwing in the towel 4 weeks later.

In the end this comes down to priorities and commitment. Putting your health first even if it means taking small steps in the right direction will lead to a healthier life. If you don’t have your health you don’t have your life – it is a cause worth pursuing. If you would like help with an action plan, direction, goals, and steps we would love to help.

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